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Clutter is the physical manifestation of indecision so when paper crosses your desk, make a decision ~ Holly Uverity
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Office Organizers is a full service productivity consulting and training firm.  Simply put, we co-create environments where entrepreneurs and other business people can gain and keep control of their space and time.

We teach our clients new ways to process the information that comes into their lives, whether it’s in the form of an email, work in progress or a phone call.  Using a variety of productivity tools and proven methods, we customize solutions based on the client’s needs.

The services we provide include one-on-one organizing sessions in client offices, consulting work and training for departments or teams of people.  Each method includes personalized follow up to ensure success. Specific services we provide include:
            Organization of physical space; clutter management
            Designing of office workflow systems
            Harnessing of office technology; understanding PDA's and software
            Creation of personal and company wide filing systems
            Creation of personal and company wide electronic filing systems
            Sharpening of both time management and organization skills
            Assistance with moving and relocation

We created a time management system for a small law firm.  By streamlining the office procedures and increasing the communication among the staff, the owner was able to leave ‘on time’ each day instead of coming in early and leaving late,

Working with a consultant, we created a standardized filing system in her office that is usable by anyone she hires.  The system eliminates duplicate files, creates space in her cabinets and allows her to retrieve any file in her office within seconds.





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"Time is not a line but a series of now points."

~ Taisen Deshimaru